Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket

As the blue light swirls on the police car behind you, your heart rate speeds up and your anxiety increases. You are being pulled over. What will your wife/husband/mom/dad say? Nothing but trouble awaits you. Will I lose my license? Can I afford the insurance increase? Will I ever drive again? (OK, you know you will, but still…)

Contrary to popular belief, it really isn’t the end of the world although it certainly seems like it at the time. There are many ways to reduce the impact a speeding ticket or other traffic violation. First, you must understand there are two types of points which affect you. There are driving points which are what you learned about in driver’s education. While important, they really don’t come into play unless you have a lot of violations. Then there are insurance points. These are what drives (no pun intended) insurance rates.

To minimize the affect of insurance points, many times, we are able to secure a reduction to improper equipment. This charge carries no insurance points. If that is not possible, then there are other alternatives such as trying to reduce the speed or seeking a prayer for judgment. Either of these means a lesser insurance effect.

We are more than willing to discuss this with you either in person or by telephone at no charge to you. In many cases, we can conclude the matter for around $400-$415 which includes payment of your fine and costs. We will set out exactly the costs when we talk to you.

Of course, you should not rely on this or any other web site for advice. The information above is merely informative. Please contact us for further information.

Whether you hire us or other counsel, please contact someone. It is likely that you can be helped in your matter but it is much more difficult (and expensive) to repair a mistake in handling a case if you do so without proper knowledge.